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Mayweather VS McGregor

Gibson Steed and Matthew Kallaher

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On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the biggest fight in the history of organized sports took place in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather, the best boxer in history who entered the fight with a professional record of 49-0, fought Conor McGregor, the best MMA fighter in history. The reason this fight was such a big deal was that this is the first time that a non-boxer challenged a boxer to a fight, and the scale that these 2 fighters are on just made it even bigger. This fight had been hyped up since January 2017, and it’s safe to say one of the biggest events in sports history didn’t disappoint.

McGregor started the fight hot, winning the first 3 rounds very easily. However, he wasn’t prepared for what was going to come later in the historic match. In mixed martial arts, rounds only last a maximum of 25 minutes. However, boxing title matches can last up to 36 minutes. McGregor was visibly exhausted after around 7 rounds, and Mayweather capitalized on his opportunity. Mayweather was defensive for the first 6 rounds, and his defensive playstyle is something that he has been known for since he first started. However, when the opportunity presented itself to strike, he took it. Mayweather delivered minutes worth of blows to McGregor’s head and torso. In the 10th round , the referee ended the match and Mayweather became 50-0 and officially retired for the second time.


However, there was no love lost between McGregor and Mayweather. After the fight, McGregor praised Mayweather’s composure and will to compete, and Mayweather thanked McGregor for his willingness to step into a boxing ring and change the fighting scene forever.

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Mayweather VS McGregor